Communication Flow Management for Remote Medical Interpreters


Structuring Techniques For Consecutive Note-taking

Using structuring techniques will help you improve the organization and readability of your notes in consecutive interpreting. We will explain the logic behind each technique by means of practical examples and exercises. By the end of the course, you will be able to describe and systematically apply good structuring techniques to take clear notes that support your memory retention and accuracy.


Let’s Talk Ethics: Confidentiality for Medical Interpreters

(2 hrs – 0.2 IMIA/NBCMI CEUs; 2.00 CE hours by CCHI/CEAP) Join us as we discuss the ethics of confidentiality in medical interpreting! What do the three main medical interpreting codes of ethics in the United States (NCIHC, IMIA, and CHIA) say about confidentiality? Is our obligation to confidentiality limited to HIPAA? Are there instances in which we can break confidentiality? This and more will be answered in this self-paced CEU course.