Memory Retention Techniques for Consecutive Interpretation

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CEUs approved for 4.00 CE hours for CCHI/CEAP and 0.4 CE hours. for NBCMI/IMIA 

Do you struggle with memory retention? Have you tried different techniques, but your accuracy doesn’t seem to improve? Do you want to be able to include more details in your renditions? This webinar is for you! You’ll learn and practice effective memory retention techniques that can radically improve your interpreting accuracy. You’ll be provided with a systematic framework and specially designed exercises to apply the following memory techniques successfully:  active listening, segmentation, echoing, visualization, and memory algorithm. This will be an in-depth webinar where you’ll have the opportunity to learn each technique with incremental steps, and you will also receive personalized advice and feedback to master your memory moving forwards.




Approved for 4.00 CE hours for CCHI/CEAP and 0.4 CE hours. for NBCMI/IMIA 

If you’re a +Memory Club, Pro, or Master+Memory Club member at, you can access the webinar for free from February 25th 2023 to May 25th 2023 by clicking here.

In this 3-hour online workshop, we will study memory retention techniques to improve accuracy and completeness in consecutive interpretation. We will explain how to implement each memory technique within a systematic framework called the ‘’memory algorithm’’. After presenting each technique, you will put it into practice with targeted exercises followed by personalized feedback. We will also review the most common challenges to memory retention and how to overcome them with deliberate practice strategies. This course is ideal for all interpreters interested in improving their memory retention skills, regardless of their specialization field or level of experience.

The workshop is delivered live on Zoom or can be watched as a recording. Students will need to spend 3 hours watching/attending the presentation and at least 1 hour completing the self-paced exercises which are available in the form of audio recordings, PowerPoint slides, and PDFs. In order to obtain a certificate of completion, the student must complete and pass a quiz with a grade of at least 70%.

Trainer’s Bio:

Nanyi Mateo is a Spanish Medical Interpreter certified by NBCMI (CMI-Spanish) and CCHI (CHI-Spanish). Since 2018, she’s been working as a video remote and over-the-phone medical interpreter as well as a quality assurance agent with multiple remote interpretation agencies across the United States. In 2020, she started teaching interpretation and note-taking for online interpreting schools in California and Chicago, such as Transinterpreting and AALB. In 2021, she developed a remote interpreter assessment, training manual, and a 10-hour Codes of Ethics and Standards of Practice course for Peregrine Interpreters. She has presented her original note-taking language for remote interpretation for national and international interpreting associations, such as the National Society of Translators and Interpreters of New Zealand (NZSTI), the Multilingual Consortium of the Orange County Department of Education (OCDE), the staff interpreters of one of the UCLA Health Systems, and the National Association of Educational Translators and Interpreters of Spoken Languages (NAETISL). She has created over 400 symbols for her note-taking language which she has published in her online symbols glossary.


7 reviews for Memory Retention Techniques for Consecutive Interpretation

  1. Jose Ayala

    Excellent training by Interpremed given personally by Nancy :)! Now it is time to practice what we learned. Thank you so much Nanyi, very happy about this training!

  2. Jose Ayala

    Please correct. I said “Nanyi” it was badly corrected to Nancy.

  3. Gaby George

    Excellent training to learn how to improve our memory for a more accurate consecutive interpretation. Lots of hand on exercises and feedback. InterpreMed it is full of great sources of information and training for interpreters.

  4. myrian melo (verified owner)

    Engaging and practical webinar. Gave a 4 because I could not grasp the working memory exercise which to me was THE most important one. That said, I’m glad for the link and will try to work on that.

  5. Vidalita Thielen

    It was an excellent training with many practices on different areas of the memorization. The more we listening the experience of other, the better we understand how the process of memorization work for each individual.

  6. Ohoud Joudeh

    Yes, it was a great training Nanyi. I needed to practice to prepare for the CHI oral exam. The webinar gave me that opportunity with many great tips and different techniques of how to foucus, listen, and increase memory capacity. Interpremed is a great source for all interpreters. It is full of practice material for both the written and oral national certification preparation. Lots of audio recordings and note taking excercises. Nanyi, you are always helpful and all your trainings are excellent.

  7. Cristina Ferreira

    Awesome training! After applying the methods and exercises and I can tell that my note taking and rendition are improving already! I’m very grateful, thank you!

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